iFarm Tehran 2017

The Exhibition

iFarm is the trade fair for Industrial Farming, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Livestock and Poultry as well as their related services and machinery in Iran. The show will be held in Tehran from 30 July to 2 August, 2017 and hosts numerous foreign and domestic exhibitors and visitors. This event is organized by Barsaz Rooydad Pars in partnership with Shahr-e Aftab Exhibition Company.


Fields of Activity:

Agriculture Machinery

Agriculture Tools

Poultry Equipment

Animal Husbandry

Cattle Food Machinery

Livestock Equipment

Cattle, Poultry and Aquatic

Irrigation Pipe

Irrigation Systems & Supplies

Arboriculture & Horticulture

Apiculture Equipment

Gardening Tools

Green House Equipment



Agricultural Chemicals

Fertilizers and Pesticides

Medicinal Plants


The Market

The population of Iran is 80 million and it had a GDP of 400 billion dollars in 2016. The country is an attractive market for the agricultural industry. Also, with the lifting of sanctions the country is now expected to be a major target for foreign investment and an important center for international trades. Recently, the authorities at Ministry of Agriculture have reported that a number of measures will be taken to support agricultural industry by providing subsidies to buy agricultural and farming equipment, and to support investments in meat and milk processing technologies.

According to the reports by Ministry of Agriculture, the imports in agriculture sector in 2016 has been 7,795 million dollars which comprises 20.81 percent of non-oil imports of the country.


The Venue

The venue of the show is Shahr-e Aftab International Exhibition Center, also known as EXHIBIRAN, the most modern exhibition center in Iran located at the southern region of Tehran. This project is an urban landmark which is planned to contain global trade center, hotels, public park and central square. The first phase of this international complex was launched in in 2016 and has the following characteristics:

Total Area:


275 hectares
Indoor Space:


3 halls with a total area of 34,000 square meters
Temporary exhibition places:  A total area of approximate 28000 square meters

Nations Hall: 



More than 7000 square meterarea

Administrative Space: 24000 square meters in two floors
 Parking Lot:      About 120,000 square meters

Total capacity for 11,000 cars, 300 vans and taxis, and 150 buses at the same time.

Office and Seminar Buildings:


38,000 square meters
West and East Four Garden (Chahar Baq):


1.5 km length, 90 meters width, Diameters of 200 square meters for central square
West and East Garden (Godal Baqche):


550 meters length and 80 meters width (first part)
West and East Garden (Godal Baqche):


550 meters length and 80 meters width

Other Services:


Banks & ATMs, Restaurant & Coffee shop, Stores and etc.